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Tom E Morrison

Tom E Morrison


Currently I am a … happy man

A short 15 word biography
composer, producer for an eclectic range of award winning recording artists, TV , film and documentary projects.

Three words to describe yourself ? creative, committed, spiritual

Your favourite:

Colour: Indigo

Film: American Beauty

Animal: our Australian Miniature Labradoodle called “Cosmo”

Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fictional hero : Yoda

Typeface: Baskerville

Book: Nigella bites

Word: Donaudampfschiffahrtskapitänsmützenknopf

Piece of Art: The Creation

Your greatest fear? The Great White

Music - Right now I am listening to? The Very Best of Ethiopiques

Which words or phrases do you overuse? I can’t remember

Do you believe in love at first sight? yes

When are you happiest? When my wife and kids are happy

Contact: tom.e.morrison@btopenworld.com
Web site http://www.tom-e-morrison.com

Photo by Dylan Collard www.dylancollard.com

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