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Giles Keeble

Giles Keeble


Currently I am a writer, thinker and taxi driver for my teenage daughter.

A short 15 word biography: born London, Dad diplomat, history at Cambridge, advertising copywriter and creative director, husband and father.

Three words to describe yourself? Curious, restless, sporty

Your favourite:

Colour: Pink

Film: The lives of others/Ducksoup

Animal: Tiger

Actor: Kevin Spacey

Fictional hero: Yossarian

Typeface: one with serifs

Book: Catch 22

Word: quintessence

Piece of Art: Mantegna's crucifixion/Cezanne Mont St Victoire/Jackson Pollack Lavender Mist

Your greatest fear? Alzheimer's

Music - Right now I am listening to? The Blues

Which words or phrases do you overuse? Heaven forfend

Do you believe in love at first sight? Sometimes

When are you happiest? Fleeting momnets of contentment that catch you by surprise.

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