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David Redhead

David Redhead


Currently I am a … Creative and Editorial Director of Custom publishing company, copywriter and Journalist

A short 15 word biography : From Blueprint to the V&A Magazine via Grand Designs and most of the newspapers

Three words to describe yourself? Literate, sober, house trained

Your favourite:

Colour: Blue

Film: Shawshank Redemption/Colonel Blimp

Animal: dog

Actor: Uma Thurman

Fictional hero Bilbo Baggins

Typeface: gill sans

Book: The Third Policeman - Flann O’Brien

Word: Posh

Piece of Art: Rothko

Your greatest fear? Losing my children

Music - Right now I am listening to? XFM

Which words or phrases do you overuse? Y’know

Do you believe in love at first sight? no

When are you happiest? Saturday afternoon at 5 pm when Peterborough United have won

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